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Back Gardens
Back Gardens1.png
Places Nearby High Street, Pub
People Found Here Tidy Neighbour, Messy Neighbour
Description Three back yards where people make for them a little paradise.

Back Gardens is a location found in Untitled Goose Game. Access to the location is granted after the Shopkeeper gets trapped in the garage on High Street, and opens the gate to return to her shop. Upon entering the area, a new to-do list will become available. After completing five tasks on the to-do-list, Tidy Neighbour will post a "No Goose" sign on his fence, near his gate. The next location (the Pub) is unlocked when the prize rose gets pruned or you glitch through the wall next to the bridge and garden (see the to-do list below) and Messy Neighbour removes part of her fence to make a "No Goose" sign.

After the miniature golden bell is stolen (see Model Village to-do list), the villagers will stop their normal activity and guard the passage out of the Back Gardens. If they spot the golden bell, they will retrieve it. Tidy Neighbour will throw the golden bell over the fence, and Messy Neighbour will place it in the basin by the bust. Both will then return to guarding the passage (they will resume their normal activity once the golden bell has been taken back home). During this time, the "danger" music will change.

Points of interest[]

  • Tidy Neighbour's yard
  • Messy Neighbour's yard
  • Backyard


To-do list[]

Initially, the to-do list will contain 6 tasks. Upon completing 5 of the tasks, the player will be notified of "a new to-do list item!!". This last task will be starred at the bottom of the list.

Back Gardens
  • make someone break the fancy vase
  • help the woman dress up the bust
  • make the man spit out his tea
  • get dressed up with a ribbon
  • make the man go barefoot
  • do the washing
(with : a bra, a pair of socks, a slipper, a bar of soap)

* • make someone prune the prize rose

The to-do lists "to do (as well)", "to do (quickly!!)", and "to do (finally)" become revealed after the miniature golden bell is returned home (see Model Village to-do list). The tasks on these lists can be completed before then, revealing that the list exists, however only the completed tasks will be viewable:

to do (as well)
  • collect the five flowers
(in the basket over by the well : a tulip, a lily, a rose, a daisy, a chrysanthemum)
to do (as well) (part 2)
  • catch an object as it's thrown over the fence
  • get thrown over the fence
  • dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens
  • score a goal
to do (quickly!!)
  • Note: reset to give this a go
  • complete the back gardens to-do list before the church bells ring
to do (finally)
  • cross out everything on the to-do list

Take-able items[]

These items can be picked up or dragged.

  • Cricket Bat.png Cricket Bat
  • Cricket Ball.png Cricket Ball
  • Hat (Tidy Neighbour).png Hat
  • Pipe.png Pipe
  • Tea Cup.png Tea Cup
  • Tea Pot.png Tea Pot
  • Newspaper.png Newspaper
  • Glasses (Tidy Neighbour).png Glasses
  • Slipper (left).png Slipper (right).png Slippers
  • Clippers.png Clippers
  • Bra.png Bra
  • Socks.png Socks (a pair)
  • Vase.png Vase
  • Broken Vase.png Broken Vase (2 pieces)
  • Paintbrush.png Paintbrush
  • Bow.png Ribbon
  • Duck Statue.png Duck Statue
  • Frog Statue.png Frog Statue
  • Jeremy Fish Statue.png Jeremy Fish Statue
  • Soap.png Soap
  • Drawer.png Drawer
  • Pot Stack.png Pot Stack
  • Enamel Jug.png Enamel Jug
  • Rose Box.png Rose Box (can be pulled, but not removed from the area)
  • Rose.png Rose
  • No Goose Sign (Tidy Neighbour).png No Goose Sign Tidy1.png "No Goose" Sign (Tidy Neighbour)
  • No Goose Sign (Messy Neighbour).png No Goose Sign Messy1.png "No Goose" Sign (Messy Neighbour)
  • Badminton Racket.png Badminton Racket
  • Parcel.png Parcel
  • Letter.png Letter
  • Traffic Cone.png Traffic Cone

Push-able items[]

These items can only be pushed.

  • Broken Bit.png Broken Bit

Interact-able items[]

These items cannot be taken or removed from the area, but instead are used/operated when clicked on.

  • Tidy Neighbour's splitting fence
  • Yellow Ribbon holding fence together
  • Lawn Ornaments (3)
  • Wind Chimes
  • Squirrel-shaped Bush
  • Duck Statue Base
  • Giant Bell Hammer

How to complete the Back Garden's to do list[]

Make someone break the Fancy Vase

a) Let the Tidy Neighbour see the Fancy Vase in his garden and wait for him to throw it over the fence (and yes, break it)

b) Drop the Fancy Vase near the 3rd's yard house door and go through it. When the Fancy Vase will be thrown out of the building, it will break.

Help the woman dress up the bust

Drop three from the Acceptable items under the Bust and wait for them to be mounted on the bust by the Messy Neighbour. (for more information go to the "Bust" site [link])

Make the man spit out his tea

Activate the Giant Bell Hammer while the Tidy Neighbour is drinking his tea.

Get dressed up with a ribbon

Pull the Duck Statue out of the Duck Statue base and hide it from the Messy Neighbour's sight.

a) Take off the ribbon from the Duck Statue and bring it to the Messy Neighbour's sight

b) Find the second ribbon (near the road leading to the Well. Once you grab it, bring it to the Messy Neighbour's sight.

Press (B)/(O)/(right click) on the Duck Statue Base to pose as a statue. The Messy Neighbour will then dress up the "statue".

Make the man go barefoot

Take off the Slippers from Tidy Neighbour's feet.

  • When he's reading his Newspaper/wondering where is his Newspaper grab the left slipper.
  • When he's drinking from his Tea Cup/wondering where is his Tea Cup grab the right slipper.

Do the washing

Bring every one from these items to the Tidy Neighbour's fountain:

  • Bra.png Bra
  • Slipper (left).png Slippers (only one of them is needed)
  • Socks.png Socks (both of them are needed)
  • Soap.png Soap

Make someone prune the prize rose

When the Tidy Neighbour removed the No Goose Sign pull the Rose Box in front of the Sqiurrel-shaped bush. Then hit it a bit and wait for the Messy Neighbour to prune it (and of course the Rose).

For Fun[]

  • Honk while holding the soap
  • Honk inside the house.
  • Carry items inside the house.
  • Honk while holding the Traffic Cone (found after leaving the last yard)