Untitled Goose Game Wiki

A list of characters found in Untitled Goose Game.



The NPC's in the game tolerate the goose, but they are not impressed at it mostly, and will try to shoo you away if you honk too much. The NPC's all move a little faster than the Goose and some will shoo you out of their respective areas. If you have an item that they own or want, they will start to chase you until they recieve that item. If they cannot find that item or cannot find the source of the honk, they will stratch their head and move on. When the goose is not around, they will always follow a schedule, unless there is a mess that they need to clean up.]

When the Goose honks, the Villager's question and will go as far as to find out what is the source of the Honk. They can question the duck statue, the mini goose, human models, walkie talkies, even the purple box. When you honk really close to them, they will be suddenly shocked, and will fall to the ground if startled by something "honking" that is not the goose.

Most of the NPC's ignore messes, but only the Tidy Neighbor and the TV Shop Owner care about what is in their areas, and will remove all items from their areas.