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Goose's Crown
Found At At Home


Owner Goose
Description Goose's crown.
Available Actions None

The Crown is an item awarded to the Goose upon completion of all the to-do lists. Once all the tasks are completed on all the to-do lists, the player will be notified "Congratulations - a reward is waiting for you at home." At home the Goose will find a Present perched on top of a rock, opening it will reveal the crown inside.

To wear the crown, the Goose must drag it to any NPC. once they see the crown, they will place it on top of the goose's head. any NPC will work, but the TV Shop Owner, Publican's Husband, Publican and Shopkeeper will chase the goose out of their respective area first. all other NPCs keep top priorities too (such as the Messy Neighbour fixing the fence first).

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