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Location Garden
Habits Waters plants, uses trowel, occasionally moves large pot around
Description Wears green overalls and a brown hat and gloves.

The Groundskeeper is one of the villagers in Untitled Goose Game. He tends to the Garden, waters plants, uses his favorite trowel, and at times can't decide the best place for the large pot, moving it often. He can't stand having the radio on, and if it is turned on anywhere near the garden area, he will seek it out, take it, and turn it off. He tolerates the Goose, but becomes wary if the Goose gets too close. If the Goose LOOSES

five tasks on the to-do-list, the Groundskeeper will post a "No Goose" sign, hammering it into the ground near the back door of the garden.

After the miniature golden bell is stolen (see Model Village to-do list), the Groundskeeper will stand in front of the Garden gate, blocking the exit from the Garden (he will resume his normal activity once the golden bell has been taken back home). He will attempt to retrieve the golden bell from the Goose, and will hang it from his waist.

Take-able items[edit | edit source]

These items can be picked up or dragged.
The Groundskeeper is only concerned about the following items:

  • Small Radio.png Small Radio
  • Topsoil.png Topsoil (3)
  • Shovel.png Shovel
  • Carrot.png Carrot (10)
  • Tulip.png Tulip
  • Pumpkin.png Pumpkin (4)
  • Wooden Crate.png Wooden Crate
  • Trowel.png Trowel
  • Watering Can.png Watering Can
  • Rake.png Rake
  • Gumboot.png Gumboot (2)
  • Apple.png Apple (from his table)
  • Jam.png Jam
  • Thermos.png Thermos
  • Mug.png Mug
  • Cooler.png Esky Cooler
  • Keys.png Keys
  • Gardener Hat.png Gardener Hat
  • Straw Hat.png Sun Hat
  • No Goose Sign (Garden).png No Goose Sign Garden3.png "No Goose" Sign
  • Mallet.png Mallet
  • Mini Golden Bell.png Mini Golden Bell

Items the Groundskeeper is unconcerned with:

  • Picnic Basket.png Picnic Basket
  • Apple.png Apple (from the bench)
  • Sandwich (left).png Sandwich (right).png Sandwich

Push-able items[edit | edit source]

These items can only be pushed.

  • Cabbage.png Cabbage (4)
  • Big Pot.png Big Pot (because it tends to roll around in circles, it is unlikely that the Goose will be able to remove it from the area)

Interact-able items[edit | edit source]

These items cannot be taken or removed from the area, but instead are used/operated when clicked on.

  • Water Faucet (2)
  • Garden Gate

Gallery[edit | edit source]