High Street

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High Street
High Street2.png
Places Nearby Garden, Back Gardens
People Found Here Wimp, TV Shop Owner, Shopkeeper
Description TV Shop, Street Shop

High Street is a location found in Untitled Goose Game. Access to the location is granted after the Groundskeeper hammers his thumb (in the Garden), and falls against the back door. Upon entering the area, a new to-do list will become available. After completing five tasks on the to-do-list, the Shopkeeper will open the garage, get her chalk, and post a "No Goose" sign. The next location (the Back Gardens) is unlocked after the Shopkeeper gets trapped in the garage (see the to-do list below), and opens the gate to return to her shop.

After the miniature golden bell is stolen (see Model Village to-do list), the villagers will stop their normal activity and guard the passage out of High Street. If they spot the golden bell, they will retrieve it, place it on a table in the Street Shop, and return to guarding the passage (they will resume their normal activity once the golden bell has been taken back home). During this time, the "danger" music will change.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • T.V. Shop
  • Street Shop
  • Yard
  • Phone Booth

Villagers[edit | edit source]

To-do list[edit | edit source]

Initially, the to-do list will contain 6 tasks. Upon completing 5 of the tasks, the player will be notified of "a new to-do list item!!". This last task will be starred at the bottom of the list.

High Street
  • break the broom by the Cleaner(custom human).
* trap the boy in the phone booth.
  • make the boy wear the wrong glasses.
  • make someone buy back their own stuff.
  • get on t.v.
  • go shopping!
(put in the basket : toothbrush, loo paper, hairbrush, tinned food, cleaner, fruit & veg)

* • trap the shopkeeper in the garage

The to-do lists "to do (as well)", "to do (quickly!!)", and "to do (finally)" become revealed after the miniature golden bell is returned home (see Model Village to-do list). The tasks on these lists can be completed before then, revealing that the list exists, however only the completed tasks will be viewable:

to do (as well)
  • trip the boy in the puddle.
  • make the shop scales go ding.
  • open an umbrella inside the tv shop.
  • make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff.
  • collect the five flowers.
(in the basket over by the well : a tulip, a lily, a rose, a daisy, a chrysanthemum)
to do (as well) (part 2)
  • trap the boy in the garage.
to do (quickly!!)
  • Note: reset to give this a go!
  • complete the high street to-do list before the church bells ring!
to do (finally)
  • cross out everything on the to-do list.

Take-able items[edit | edit source]

These items can be picked up or dragged.

  • Pint Bottle.png Glass Bottle
  • Toy Plane.png Toy Plane
  • Glasses (Wimp).png Wimp's Glasses
  • Shopkeeper's items:
    • Shopping Basket.png Shopping Basket (Shopkeeper will not attempt to retrieve this item)
    • Pushbroom.png Pushbroom, Pushbroom Handle, Pushbroom Head
    • Can (Blue).png Can (Orange).png Can (Yellow).png Tinned Food
    • Dishwash Bottle.png Dishwash Bottle
    • Spray Bottle.png Spray Bottle
    • Pricing Gun.png Pricing Gun
    • Umbrella.png Umbrellas (Red, Black, Multicolor)
    • Horn Rimmed Glasses.png Glasses (Red).png Sunglasses.png Glasses (Horn Rimmed, Red, Sunglasses)
    • Lily.png Lily
    • Garden Fork.png Garden Fork
    • Weed Tool.png Weed Tool
    • Hairbrush.png Hairbrush
    • Stereoscope.png Stereoscope
    • Baby Doll.png Baby Doll
    • Toy Car.png Toy Car
    • Toilet Paper.png Loo Paper
    • Adding Machine.png Adding Machine
    • Tomato.png Tomato
    • Orange.png Orange
    • Cucumber.png Cucumber
    • Carrot (no green).png Carrot
    • Leek.png Leek
    • Chalk.png Chalk
  • Walkie Talkie (Blue).png Walkie Talkie (Yellow).png Walkie-talkies (Blue, Yellow)
  • Dustbin.png Dustbin, Dustbin Lid
  • Apple Core.png Apple Core
  • Toothbrush.png Toothbrush

Push-able items[edit | edit source]

These items can only be pushed.

  • Handset.png Handset
  • Phone Booth Phone.png Phone Booth Phone

Interact-able items[edit | edit source]

These items cannot be taken or removed from the area, but instead are used/operated when clicked on.

  • TV Switch
  • Radio Plug
  • Garage Door Pullstring

For fun[edit | edit source]

  • Honk while holding a glass bottle.
  • Honk while holding a walkie talkie.
  • Honk while holding a dustbin lid.
  • Push the toy car around.

Gallery[edit | edit source]