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Model Village
Model Village1.png
Places Nearby Pub, Home
People Found Here None
Description Miniature replica of the village.

Model Village is a location found in Untitled Goose Game. It is the final location for the Goose to enter. Access to the location is granted after the bucket falls on the burly man's head (in the Pub), and he leaves the garbage bin open after throwing away a squashed box of tomatoes. Upon entering the area, a new to-do list will become available. After completing the second task on the to-do list, many paths that were once open to the Goose will now be closed, villagers will behave oddly, and the "danger" music will change (see the to-do list below).

Points of interest[]


  • None

To-do list[]

Initially, the to-do list will contain 2 tasks. Upon completing them, the player will be notified of "a new to-do list item!!". Completing this last task will cause the game credits to appear, after which new to-do lists will be revealed.

Model Village
  • get into the model village
  • steal the beautiful miniature golden bell
  • ... and take it all the way back home
(task is revealed after bell is stolen)

To-do lists "to do (as well)" and "to do (finally)" become revealed after the miniature golden bell is returned home (see to-do list above). The tasks on these lists can be completed before then, revealing that the list exists, however only the completed tasks will be viewable:

to do (as well)
  • collect the five flowers
(in the basket over by the well : a tulip, a lily, a rose, a daisy, a chrysanthemum)
to do (finally)
  • cross out everything on the to-do list

Take-able items[]

These items can be picked up or dragged.

  • Mini Birdbath.png Mini Birdbath
  • Mini Easel.png Mini Easel
  • Mini Garden Bench.png Mini Garden Bench
  • Mini Golden Bell.png Mini Golden Bell
  • Mini Mail Pillar.png Mini Mail Pillar
  • Mini Phone Booth Door.png Mini Phone Booth Door
  • Mini Pump.png Mini Pump
  • Mini Shovel.png Mini Shovel
  • Mini Street Bench.png Mini Street Bench
  • Mini Sunlounger.png Mini Sunlounger
  • Timber Handle.png Timber Handle
  • Chrysanthemum.png Chrysanthemum
  • Figurines:
    • Mini Person.png Mini Person
    • Mini Person (Child).png Mini Person (Child)
    • Mini Person (Groundskeeper).png Mini Person (Groundskeeper)
    • Mini Duck (Goose).png Mini Duck (Goose)
    • Mini Person (Woman).png Mini Person (Woman)
    • Mini Person (Old Woman).png Mini Person (Old Woman)
    • Mini Person (Postie).png Mini Person (Postie)
    • Mini Person (Vestman).png Mini Person (Vestman)

Interact-able items[]

These items cannot be taken or removed from the area, but instead are used/operated when clicked on.

For Fun[]

  • Steal everything from the model village
  • Take a figure of a person and take it to a NPC. When NPC will be near, honk and NPC will think that the figure honked.