Untitled Goose Game Wiki
Location High Street
Habits Sweeps, prices shelf items, listens to radio, will shoo Goose out of her shop with the broom

The Shopkeeper is a villager in Untitled Goose Game. She tends a street shop on High Street. Her actions include sweeping, using her price gun, and listening to her radio. She tolerates the Goose, however if she sees it in her shop, she will shoo it away with her broom. She also has a garage which she will keep closed until she needs her chalk to make a "No Geese" sign (after the Goose has completed five tasks on the to-do list). Fortunately, should she ever get trapped in her garage, she can exit through the side door.

Take-able items[]

These items can be picked up or dragged.

  • Shopping Basket.png Shopping Basket (Shopkeeper will not attempt to retrieve this item)
  • Pushbroom.png Pushbroom, Pushbroom Handle, Pushbroom Head
  • Can (Blue).png Can (Orange).png Can (Yellow).png Tinned Food
  • Dishwash Bottle.png Dishwash Bottle
  • Spray Bottle.png Spray Bottle
  • Pricing Gun.png Pricing Gun
  • Umbrella.png Umbrellas (Red, Black, Multicolor)
  • Horn Rimmed Glasses.png Glasses (Red).png Sunglasses.png Glasses (Horn Rimmed, Red, Sunglasses)
  • Lily.png Lily
  • Garden Fork.png Garden Fork
  • Weed Tool.png Weed Tool
  • Hairbrush.png Hairbrush
  • Stereoscope.png Stereoscope
  • Baby Doll.png Baby Doll
  • Toy Car.png Toy Car
  • Toilet Paper.png Loo Paper
  • Adding Machine.png Adding Machine
  • Tomato.png Tomato
  • Orange.png Orange
  • Cucumber.png Cucumber
  • Carrot (no green).png Carrot
  • Leek.png Leek
  • Chalk.png Chalk

Interact-able items[]

These items cannot be taken or removed from the area, but instead are used/operated when clicked on.

  • Radio Plug
  • Garage Door Pullstring

Random items Things you can't do anything with just for decoration. Fruit Veggies Cans Other things in basket with flower