Untitled Goose Game Wiki

The To-Do List is a collection of tasks for the Goose to complete.

As the player enters a new location, a new to-do list will become available. To-do lists can be viewed by pressing the <tab> key on the keyboard. As the player finishes tasks, they will appear crossed-out on the to-do list.

Once the player has completed five tasks on a to-do list, a new task will appear, marked at the bottom of the to-do list with a large *. Completing this starred task will unlock the next location.

Once the Goose has completed the Model Village to-do list, the game credits will appear on the screen. After the game credits have finished scrolling, the "press <space> to honk" will display. After honking, the player will be notified of "new to-do list pages". The new to-do lists are "to do (as well)", "to do (quickly)", and "to do (finally)."

Once the Goose has completed all the to-do lists, the player will be notified "congratulations - a reward is waiting for you at home." There, the Goose will find a Present containing a Crown. going to any NPC in the game will cause them to put the crown on your head (you can't take it off unless you reset or quit the game.)

Initial to-do lists[]

(bring to the picnic blanket : sandwich, apple, pumpkin, carrot, jam, thermos, radio, basket)

* • make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb

High Street
  • break the broom
  • trap the boy in the phone booth
  • make the boy wear the wrong glasses
  • make someone buy back their own stuff
  • get on t.v.
  • go shopping
(put in the basket : toothbrush, loo paper, hairbrush, tinned food, cleaner, fruit & veg)

* trap the shopkeeper in the garage

Back Gardens
  • make someone break the fancy vase
  • help the woman dress up the bust
  • make the man spit out his tea
  • get dressed up with a ribbon
  • make the man go barefoot
  • do the washing
(with : a bra, a pair of socks, a slipper, a bar of soap)

* • make someone prune the prize rose

  • get into the pub
  • break the dartboard
  • get the toy boat
  • make the old man fall on his bum
  • be awarded a flower
  • steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal
  • set the table
(knife, fork, plate, pepper, candle)

* • drop a bucket on the burly man's head

Model Village
  • get into the village
  • steal the beautiful miniature golden bell
  • ... and take it all the way back home to the bell home
(task is revealed after bell is stolen)

Later to-do lists[]

to do (as well)
  • lock the groundskeeper out of the garden
  • cabbage picnic
  • trip the boy in the puddle
  • make the shop scales go ding
  • open an umbrella inside the tv shop
  • make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff
  • collect the five flowers
(in the basket over by the well : a tulip, a lily, a rose, a daisy, a chrysanthemum)
to do (as well) (part 2)
  • trap the boy in the garage
  • catch an object as it's thrown over the fence
  • get thrown over the fence
  • dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens
  • score a goal
  • sail the toy boat under a bridge
  • perform at the pub wearing a ribbon
  • steal the old man's woolen hat
to do (quickly!!)
  • Note: reset to give this a go
  • complete the garden to-do list before the church bells ring
  • complete the high street to-do list before the church bells ring
  • complete the back gardens to-do list before the church bells ring
  • complete the pub to-do list before the church bells ring
to do (finally)
  • cross out everything on the to-do list